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Sidewalks Proposal Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: What exactly is being proposed?

A: Here are the details we know at this time.

Q: Why does the Windermere Neighbors Coalition oppose it?

A: In short, we oppose it because it will damage our environment irreparably, disrupt the daily life extensively, and decrease property values significantly. Click here to read more.

Q: Don’t you care about the safety of our children and the needs of the disabled?

A: Windermere has always been an inclusive community and a wonderful place to raise a family. A sidewalk would have been ideal had Windermere been designed for one from the beginning. It was not. We agree with those who support the sidewalk project on the importance of safety and accommodation. Where we respectfully disagree is on the need for the specific destructive retrofit that has been planned. There are many ways to achieve these goals that are less destructive to the environment and less costly. These include improved lighting, porous eco-friendly pavement, and improved signage. The County should, at the very least, assess the viability of these options. Porous pavement has been used successfully since 2013 in nearby DC.

Q: How can I make my voice heard?

A: Please fill out the Comments and Feedback Form and send it to the Division of Transportation Engineering by Friday, January 11th, 2013. We also encourage you to make your thoughts known to Andrew Friedson, your Council representative. Email him. We also suggest that each concerned neighbor email four of the at-large County Council Members. Here they are:

Gabe Albornoz: Email him. ( 

Evan Glass: Email him. (

Will Jawando: Email him. ( )

Hans Riemer: Email him. (

Q: What about the HOA and the Luxmanor Citizens Association (LCA)?

A: The County does not ask for ether civic or HOA approval in its consideration of proposed sidewalks. The County contends that it is a resident level decision, not a group decision. Our HOA, Heritage Walk Homes Corporation, represents the entire community and is trying to maintain neutrality.

The LCA’s official position is that it “did not request and is not advocating for the sidewalk proposal.” Some LCA members have openly emphasized the importance of supporting the sidewalk project on the Luxmanor Listserv. That is not the same thing as official approval-- especially since, as explained under "Who We Are," only about half of the homeowners who reside on Windermere Circle, are LCA members.

Q: Who put up and why?


  • We are an informal coalition of Windermere residents who oppose the sidewalks project. We are deeply concerned about the irreversible environmental, financial, and quality-of-life impact the project would have.

  • We created this website to inform and educate residents.

  • We respect and share the concerns of those who support the project and remain hopeful that alternative solutions can at least be explored.

  • We are advocating for a decision-making process that is transparent, inclusive, and fundamentally fair. Regardless of how we got here, we must have transparency going forward.

We will gladly send you a list of our members if you email us. Since the sidewalk project has had the unfortunate side effect of creating some neighbor-vs-neighbor vitriol, we will not post the names of members publicly (unless they so desire). Of course, we encourage people to express their views in the Our Voices section of this site.

Q: Do I have to join the Windermere Neighbors Coalition to post comments on this site’s blog, Our Voices?

A: You do not have to join our Coalition to post comments. You certainly don’t have to agree with the opinions and positions expressed here.

This photo shows an ADA-compliant sidewalk. It must be at least five feet wide.

This photo shows an ADA-compliant sidewalk. It must be at least five feet wide.

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